Associate Fellowship - WCLI

Associate Fellowship

Associate Fellowship Certification provides candidates with a basic understanding of laser physics, tissue interaction, characteristics of individual wavelengths, safety and regulatory issues, as well as an overview of clinical uses. 


Topics Covered by Associate Fellowship Certification

  • Fundamentals of laser physics, including wavelength characteristics of ALL dental laser wavelengths
  • Concepts involving laser-tissue interaction
  • History of lasers in dentistry
  • Laser safety and regulatory issues
  • Knowledge of the laser environment
  • Management of patient expectations and treatment options
    Techniques for cutting hard and soft tissue
    Clinical capabilities of dental lasers


How to Earn Associate Fellowship Certification

  1. Pass a written examination for Associate Fellow Certification. The exam contains approximately 50 test questions.
  2. Attend a minimum of a one-day WCLI or WCLI-endorsed course.

Candidates are not required to present clinical cases or pay any additional fees. Also, candidates for Associate Fellowship Certification are not required to have daily access to an Er,Cr:YSGG or diode laser. Associate Fellowship Certification can be earned at any WCLI-sponsored one-day educational seminars or full-length WCLI symposia held at various locations around the world each year.