2019 Asia-Pacific Symposium

Taipei, Taiwan  WCLI  September 21–22, 2019

WCLI 2016 APAC Symposium

The World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI) is putting on a symposium focused on laser application in periodontology, implantology, endodontics, restorative dentistry, pain therapy and others. The WCLI’s Asia-Pacific Symposium will feature educational content suited for every dental professional.

This event will also include fascinating keynote addresses from leaders in the dental world, along with multiple social and networking opportunities to relax and make new friends while learning about new groundbreaking dental technologies. The WCLI’s Symposiums are one of a kind in the dental profession! We look forward to seeing you there!

Why Attend?

WCLI 2015 APAC Symposium

The World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI) is more than an educational association of dentists seeking clinical knowledge and tips on the latest technologies in dentistry. The largest group of its kind, the WCLI is a closely knit network of thousands of dental professionals who share a passion for improving the patient experience, elevating their clinical results to the highest level, and building the best possible practice they can.

The WCLI has been putting on world-class educational events for over ten years. At this year’s Taipei Symposium, dental professionals will improve their knowledge and techniques for established laser procedures, such as laser-assisted periodontal treatment, endo, implant placement, pain therapy and cosmetic dentistry.

Above all else, the WCLI’s 2019 Asia-Pacific Symposium is a great place to see old friends, meet new colleagues and forge friendships with mentors from around the world.

It’s a weekend of education and fellowship. Register today; don’t miss out!

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2019 Asia-Pacific Symposium
September 21-22, 2019

Mandarin Oriental, Taipei
Taipei, Taiwan

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Mandarin Oriental - Taipei

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Event Information

  • DOCTORS $695 USD

    Register on or after April 30, 2019 to receive the General Registration tuition cost.

  • RDH/Office Staff/Student $295 USD

    Tuition cost for Dental Hygienists, office staff members or current dental students.

Cancellation Policy – Refunds less a $150.00 cancellation fee will be given for cancellations received in writing to [email protected] prior to August 30, 2019. Following this date, no refunds will be given, but a credit
will be issued to use towards another event within one year.


Dr. Jerry C. Lin

Dr. Jerry C. Lin - Taiwan

Dr. Jerry C. Lin received his certificate in periodontology and Doctor of Medical Science in Oral Biology from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. He is a board certified and Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. Dr. Lin teaches as a lecturer at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and as an assistant professor at the Taipei Medical University. He is also a clinical instructor in periodontics and implant dentistry at the National Taiwan University Hospital. 

Dr. Lin has been involved in leading the periodontal literature review course at the National Taiwan University since 2007. He is also the board director for the Academy of Dental Implantology, ROC. Dr. Lin is the founder and director of the Institute for Advanced Dental Education (iADE) where comprehensive periodontal and implant training courses have been offered since 2007. In addition to his commitment to dental education, Dr. Lin has an ongoing career as a periodontist in his own private practice in Taipei.

Dr. Preety Desai

Dr. Preety Desai - Canada

Dr. Preety Desai is a clinical associate professor at the University of British Columbia in the Dept of Periodontics and a pioneer in the field of laser dentistry in periodontics
and implant surgery since 2006. She has lectured internationally, is a published author and has honed surgical skills and techniques with the Er,Cr:YSGG laser application in the field of gingival grafting, extractions, socket and ridge preservation, sinus lifts and periodontal pocket & peri-implantitis therapy.

Dr. Desai graduated from McGill Dentistry, completed residency at the Hospital for Sick Children and specialized in periodontics at the University of British Columbia. She is also the only Canadian periodontist with a Mastership Diploma in Laser Dentistry from Aachen University.

Dr. Jaebum Lee

Dr. Jaebum Lee - USA

Jaebum Lee, DDS is a board Certified Periodontist. He specializes in all facets of implant and gum surgery. Dr. Lee strives for excellence by being at the cutting edge of dentistry to ensure all his patients benefit from the latest and best technique available.

Dr. Lee earned his DDS. in 1992 at Yonsei University, South Korea, one of the top 50 dental schools in the world. To further his knowledge in dentistry, he went on to earn his MSD in 2003 and PhD with a Certification in Prosthodontics in 2006. As a leader in his field, he has vast experience with complex cases needing specialty care whether implant, bone regeneration, or gum disease. 

Dr. Lee’s continual love of learning and teaching has led him to publish over 30 journal articles and 5 book chapters on Implant Dentistry. Dr. Lee earned his post-graduate Periodontal Degree at Georgia Regents University. He is board certified by the American Board of Periodontology and obtained his Implant Fellowship and Diplomat from International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Dr. Thomas Hamann

Dr. Thomas Hamann - Gremany

Since his youth, Dr. Thomas Hamann has resided in the capital city of Germany, Berlin. He attended the Technical University of Berlin starting with the study of space and aviation engineering and later medicine at the Freie Universität Berlin, where he found appeal in the combination of technology and medicine in dentistry. The focus of his dissertation was “Dental Problems in Air, Space, and Diving Environments”. From 1993 to 2000 he worked in different private practices in cooperation with colleagues to enhance possibilities in implantology and TMJ treatment. Since 2001 he has had his own clinic in the center of Berlin, where he developed his abilities in laser dentistry. Starting with Nd:YAG Laser in 2001, he quickly changed to Er.Cr.YSGG in 2002. Since 2004 he is referent for laser-therapy followed in 2006 by Master degree of the ESOLA (in cooperation with the Univ. Vienna, Univ. Milan and Univ. Geneva). In 2007 he earned a Degree in Implantology by European Association of Dental Implantologists (BDIZ EDI) and DGI (German Society of Implantology).

Dr. Hamann is active member of DGI (German Society of Implantology), DGZMK (German Society of Dentistry), DGCZ (German Society of Computerized Dentistry), DGL (German Society of Laser Therapy), ESOLA (European Society for Oral Laser Applications), ESED (European Society for Esthetic Dentistry).

Dr. Tuong Nguyen Nguyen - USA

Dr. Nguyen or “Win” provides the experience and credentials one can count on. He earned his Bachelor degree in Dental Sciences in 1997 from the Catholic University of Louvain, in Brussels, Belgium.

He subsequently earned his Certificate in Clinical Endodontics and Master of Science in Dentistry degree in 2001 from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH. Dr. Nguyen was a full-time Assistant Professor in the Department of Endodontics at the University of Maryland from 2001 to 2004 and at the Oregon Health and Science University from 2004 to 2008.

Dr. Nguyen is the founder of Polaris Dental Specialists and Love All Foundation. He currently practices at Polaris Dental Specialists, a multi-specialty practice in Beaverton and Salem, OR, USA. Dr. Nguyen is a fellow at the World Clinical Laser Institute and adjunct Professor of Endodontics at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH.

He is fluent in English, French and Vietnamese, and enjoys lecturing at both national and international levels, about clinical endodontics and practice management. 

Dr. Yue Weng Cheu - Singapore

Dr. Yue Weng Cheu completed his BDS degree at the National University of Singapore and was awarded The Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation Annual Scholarship Award. He was elected Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, Fellow of the International College of Dentists, Fellow of International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Fellow of the World Clinical Laser Institute. He is also a Member of the Joint Dental Faculties of the Royal College of Surgeons, England. An ISCD-Certified International CEREC trainer (Paris 2010, Istanbul 2012 and Barcelona 2014). He has also obtained his Certificate of Oral Implantology from Frankfurt University.

Dr. Yue Weng Cheu completed the full TMD continuum at Occlusion Connections under the tutelage of Dr Clayton Chan. Dr Yue has been lecturing and conducting hands-on courses on Clinical Digital Photography, CAD-CAM, Laser Dentistry and TMD. He is the Clinical Director of DP Dental and his six-chair practice focusing on integrated utilization of advanced dental technology such as Laser, CAD-CAM and 3D jaw tracking and imaging to enhance diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes for his patients.

Dr. Michell Chou, DDS

Dr. Michell Chou - Taiwan

Dr. Michell Chou is a graduate of the University of Illinois, where she earned her D.D.S., followed by residencies at Yale New Haven Hospital, Taipei City Hospital as well as training at the Beethoven Dental Orthodontic Training Program in Taiwan. She is a member of the World Laser Medicine Congress & Asia Pacific Laser Institute, and the Taiwan Association of Aligner Organization. She has been practicing laser dentistry since 2002 and is an Ivisilign™ Platinum Doctor.

Dr. Christopher J. Walinski

Dr. Christopher J. Walinski - USA

Christopher J. Walinski, DDS has been an author, inventor and innovator in Laser Dentistry for over two decades.  His 2003 text on laser dentistry has been published in over ten languages.  He is the Executive Director of the World Clinical Laser Institute; the largest organization of its kind and is a Founding member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health.  Chris is past Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Laser Assisted Dentistry, and is a Diplomate and Past-President of the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry.

At The Touro College of Dental Medicine, he is an Associate Professor and Laser Safety Officer.  He is also a Visiting Professor at Taipei Medical University College of Oral Medicine, and frequent lecturer at Harvard University, emphasizing dentistry using lasers and other minimally-invasive techniques.


Dr. Jerry C. Lin (Taiwan) - Periodontics, Implantology

Laser-assisted Periodontal Therapy & Applications in Implant Dentistry

Conventional root planing relies on the tactile feedback. However residual calculus has been an issue, which may limit the efficacy. Utilizing the Er,Cr:YSGG dental laser to open up the pockets enables the visibility, which will optimize the treatment outcomes.  The first obstacle of periodontal regeneration is to remove the granulation completely. The Er,Cr:YSGG dental laser has its advantages of non-touching blasting effects and focal spot laser beams, making it easier to debride the periodontal defects.

In implant dentistry, laser can be applied in treating peri-implantitis through decontaminating the implant surface and soft tissue gingivectomy. Peri-implant bone regeneration can be achieved via laser decontamination and peri-implant GBR.  The laser de-epithelialized autogeneous gingival grafts can be successfully used for treating gingival recession, for achieving soft tissue augmentation around implants and for obtaining keratinized tissue with better color match.  The objective of the presentation is to describe the applications of Er,Cr:YSGG dental laser in both periodontics and implant dentistry.

Dr. Preety Desai (Canada) – Periodontics, Implantology

A Novel Approach To Periodontics and Implant

The Er,Cr:YSGG laser is uniquely positioned on the electromagnetic spectrum to optimally ablate: the gingival tissues for grafting and tunneling; the alveolar bone for sinus lifts/ridge splits/block grafts and osseous flap surgery; the dentinal roots for smear layer removal, facilitating flap adaptation without recession. Most importantly today,  the Er,Cr:YSGG works on a contaminated implant surface, leaving it biofilm-free, optimizing chances of regeneration.

Various advanced surgical techniques such as laser extractions, ridge preservation, laser flap surgery and peri-implantitis surgery will be presented with a novel approach.

Dr. Jaebum Lee (USA) - Periodontics, Implantology

YSGG Laser Application for Peri-implantitis

Dental implants have been a standard procedure for replacing missing teeth. After implant placement, crestal bone resorption along with infiltration of biofilm is considered a major challenge for long-term implant maintenance. Once bacteria starts to penetrate through the connective tissue seal around the implant, soft and hard tissue begin to deteriorate. If bone loss exceeds the physiological limitation, we call this peri-implantitis. The main strategy of treating peri-implantitis is to remove the bacteria on the infected implant surface and regenerate the tissue in order to cover the exposed implant. The YSGG laser along with the RFPT has been proven to remove bacteria effectively on infected implant surfaces. Additionally, treatment strategy is dependant on the amount of bone loss, the shape of defects, how to control the infection, and several biological principles.

Dr. Thomas Hamann (Germany) – Cosmetic Dentistry

YSGG to Change Form and Colour of the Aesthetic Gingiva Appearance

A lot of patients suffer for various reasons, not only because of tooth pain but also because of the aesthetic appearance of their oral situation. This includes: the shape and position of their front teeth, the form and the color of their gum, which all common reasons patients suffer aesthetically. If there is missing tissue, we can do tissue or bone grafting but sometimes there is a need to reduce tissue in a less bloody, more selective way in order to protect the tissue we need and remove tissue which is disturbing the oral situation. Special patients with light skin and dark gum can suffer if they have a gummy smile. With a gum planer, you take off the tissue without selectivity in a bloody way. YSGG offers you a way to do gingival bleaching without anesthesia in a fast, selective way.

Because of this selective treatment, it is also possible to do osseous crown lengthening without damage the teeth. You can thin the gum without flap surgery. But also in open flap surgery, the Er,Cr:YSGG laser offers a way to do bone reductions in a less harmful way with amazing, long-term results, avoiding scalpels and drills which patients fear the most

Dr. Tuong Nguyen Nguyen (USA) – Endodontics

Taking Pain Out of Endodontics…Magic or Science?

In the context of contemporary and modern endodontics, it is our ultimate goal as dentists to minimize pain and suffering for our patients. Adequate training, competency and proper use of technology allow one to execute efficiently and harm minimally. On the rise, the Er,Cr:YSGG laser has established itself as the most versatile dental all-tissue laser. This laser provides an extremely precise, highly efficient cut within 2mm from the laser tip, through both soft and hard tissues, while producing laser analgesia. As precision goes hand in hand with minimal invasiveness, this leads in turn to less inflammation and lower levels of post-operative pain. 


Concurrently, diode lasers have been scientifically proven in both the dental and medical literature as a true pillar in pain control and also in reducing inflammation during post-operative healing. The minimally-invasive quality of the Er,Cr:YSGG laser synergized with the biostimulation benefits of a diode laser, has caused a paradigm shift in pain control for both soft and hard tissue healing. 


Therefore, when coupled, the Er,Cr:YSGG laser and diode laser enable dentists an unrivaled level of precision, the ability to avoid the use of local anesthetics while providing clinically adequate per- and post-operative pain control. Patients’ perception about endodontics can therefore be positively influenced, causing them to favor preservation over extraction of their natural teeth.  To quote William Jennings, “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. ”

Dr. Yue Weng Cheu (Singapore) – Advanced General Dentistry

Wellness through the Power of the Tongue – Laser in managing Restrictive Frenums

A Short Lingual Frenulum Left Untreated At Birth Is Associated With Obstructive Sleep Syndrome At Any Later Age” – C Guilleminault et al, Stanford University, Sleep Medicine Division. Your tongue is a bigger part of your body’s health and overall well-being than you think. From birth to old age, this muscle in your mouth determines your survival. It shapes your breathing patterns and even body posture. Learning proper tongue habits and keeping your tongue in an optimal state pays off greatly towards your body’s strength and wellness throughout your life.

Dr. Michell Chou (Taiwan) – Dental Marketing

How to Effectively Market Laser Dentistry to the Patients

The majority of trained doctors dream to have their own medical practice one day. Dr. Michell Chou is going to share “How to Open a Successful Private Clinic of Your Own”, especially the Private Clinic with Waterlase. Dr. Michell Chou has developed a treatment program with Waterlase, and also has a great deal of preparation material for dental assistants and the clinic environment. Dr. Michell Chou will show how she leads dental assistants to be great collaborators with an increased Waterlase knowledge base. The strategies shared in this presentation have guided Waterlase offices in Taiwan to success, and will help all clinicians improve their marketing.

Dr. Chris Walinski (USA) - Advanced General Dentistry

20 Years Later: On the Cutting Edge of Lasers in Dentistry

This entertaining presentation will cover a diverse range of topics, as simple as: optimizing results using diode lasers to treat periodontal pockets, to the quickest and safest way of removing crowns and veneers using erbium lasers. Latest research will be cited, including Dr. Walinski’s own clinical trials and in vitro research.